Low-income women – and in particular Women of Color who make up 83% of Bottomless Closet clients –are struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic and we know that this recovery will take time.

Many Bottomless Closet clients have lost their jobs, their homes, family members and – crucially – their confidence. They can’t recover alone – they need your help. Your donation will fund vital programs at Bottomless Closet to help these women get back on their feet again.

Between March 2020 and September 2021, the generous contributions of our donors helped us to:

  • Empower 453 women in need for their job search through remote coaching
  • Enable 3,616 women in need to build their financial, professional development and digital skills through our virtual workshop program
  • Equip 338 women with clothing for their job search through contactless clothing pickup

For single mothers like Kimberley and Erica, these Bottomless Closet programs have empowered them to put the future of their families on a more secure financial footing.

The obstacles facing our clients as they struggle to return to the workforce are layered and complex.  Your donation today will be put to immediate use to fund the following vital programs to empower women like Katherine, Rafilenny, Kimberley and Erica to rebound:

  • Interview Coaching – remote and in-person
  • Professional Development coaching and workshops
  • Financial Management workshops
  • Digital Skills workshops
  • Wellness workshops
  • Contactless Clothing Pickup

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“After I left here, and I could see myself dressed up like that, it gave me the confidence to go in there and kill the interview. They told me right afterward that I got the job.”

– Taieisha